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Alltracks Double Braided Winch Rope 12mm – Blue

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Alltracks winch ropes stand for strength and endurance, next to the well-known single braided winch rope, we also offer the advanced double braided winchrope. Double braided winchrope has a longer life span due to the way it is braided.


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Alltracks Double Braided Winch Rope

Your car on a rope. Although a few years ago, people looked with disbelief towards winch rope, nowadays you see them everywhere. Winch rope has proven itself and we are going to tell you why. Check out our ‘winchside out’ below for information on this synthetic rope.

Why Double Braided Winch Rope?

  • Breaking strength 12000kg
  • Winchrope is light weight
  • Longer life durance because of the way it’s braided
  • Double braided winch rope does not fray
  • Single braided rope as its core with a thightly woven coat around it
  • Less easily flattened and will roll off your drum easy
  • Won’t swing around when it’s broken, which means less danger and less damage.
  • After using your rope, you roll the rope out and you can clean it with the garden hose. When it is dry, you can roll the winch rope neatly back on the drum.

This winchrope includes:

  • Removable hook 1/2
  • Alltracks sleeve
  • Thimble on 1 side
  • Mountbolt on 1 side (can be removed)
  • 5 Meters red paint on the end of the rope



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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm
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