Alltracks Soft Shackle

These Soft Shackles do not require any tools and are easy to open and close. They are lightweight and the soft material does not damage the paintwork. With this Soft Shackle you also have no problems with rust. They tighten under tension but are easy to open. They are easy to carry, easy to assemble and very strong. Due to the soft material you have to take into account sharp edges. Now replace your old D-shackle with a soft shackle.

Why this soft shackle?

The Alltracks soft shackle is available in 8mm with a maximum working load of 9000kg. In addition, it is also available in 10mm with a maximum working load of 12000kg. This in combination with black / blue colors and the Alltracks brand makes this closure a ‘must have’ in your 4×4 equipment.

How do you use this shackle?

  •  1. Pull the core out until the hole is large enough for the knot.
  • 2. Place the knot through the hole.
  • 3. Pull the rope on both sides to close it.