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Superwinch LT 3000 – Electric winch with steel cable

195,00 incl. btw

The Superwinch trademark stands for first-class design, quality, value and solid construction parts for safe, simple and reliable operation.

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Superwinch LT 3000

Efficient traction wherever and whenever you need it. This winch is equipped with a highly efficient, permanently working magnetic motor with a low amp pull. This in combination with the solenoid of the unit and the circuit breakers ensures that you always have sufficient electricity. This electric winch has compact dimensions and large capacity and is a perfect compromise between the two. This Superwinch LT 3000 is available with steel cable.

Why this Superwinch?

Firstly, this winch has a tensile force of 1361kg, a 1.2HP motor and a 1-phase planetary system. In addition, the LT 3000 ATV is equipped with a free run with which you can easily unroll your winch line. Finally, the dynamic brake and the remote control ensure that you have the perfect electric winch.

To begin with, you will receive this Superwinch LT3000 with 4.8mm x 15m steel cable with a permanent hook. In addition, a practical remote control with cord and a steering wheel control is supplied



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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Filter Drive


Filter Winch line

Wire cable

Filter Brand


Filter Rated line pull

907kg to 2.041kg

Filter Voltage



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