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Warn winch VR EVO – Synthetic rope

1.139,821.357,62 incl. vat (21%)

  • Often used as an off-road winch and boattrailer winch
  • Supplied as standard with wireless control
  • The solenoid box is easy to move
  • IP86 and Albright solenoid
  • Also available the Warn VR EVO with wire cable

The Warn winch VR EVO winches are often used as an offroad winch and boattrailer winch.

The Warn VR EVO winches have an IP68 rated waterproof construction. In addition, they feature an ultra-reliable Albright solenoid in a portable pack.

This electric winch is also equipped with an advanced two-in-one remote control. With this control you can control your winch both wired and wireless, a nice extra for extra ease of use and versatility.

In addition, the high line speed and very low amperage pull of the VR EVO winches are a plus. You can see them as the hardest working “standard-duty” winches that Warn Industries has ever made. Finally, this winch is available with steel cable or synthetic winch rope.


SpecificationsVR EVO 8-SVR EVO 10-SVR EVO 12-S
Part numberWarn 103251Warn 103253Warn 103255
Rated line pull3629kg4536kg5443kg
Motor12V DC12V DC12V DC
Gear3-Stage planetary3-Stage planetary3-Stage planetary
BrakeSpring, load holdingSpring, load holdingSpring, load holding
RemoteWired and WirelessWired and WirelessWired and Wireless
Synthetic ropeø9.5mm x 27.4mø9.5mm x 27.4mø9.5mm x 27.4m
FairleadHawse (⊗254mm)Hawse (⊗254mm)Hawse (⊗254mm)
Measurements LxWxH534mm x 160.5mm x 256mm534mm x 160.5mm x 256mm534mm x 160.5mm x 256mm
Bolt pattern LxW254mm x 114.3mm254mm x 114.3mm254mm x 114.3mm
Line Speed No load/Load7.6MPM / 1.8MPM8.3MPM / 1.6MPM8.0MPM / 1.2MPM
Amps No load/Load57AMP / 298AMP58AMP / 358AMP55AMP  / 396AMP
Specification sheetVR EVO 8 sheetVR EVO 10 sheetVR EVO 12 sheet
ManualVR EVO manualVR EVO manualVR EVO manual
Spare parts listVR EVO 8 partsVR EVO 10 partsVR EVO 12 parts
Information videoWatch videoWatch videoWatch video


Part number
VR EVO   8-S – Warn 103251
VR EVO 10-S – Warn 103253
VR EVO 12-S – Warn 103255
Rated line pull
VR EVO   8-S – 3629kg
VR EVO 10-S – 4536kg
VR EVO 12-S – 5443kg
12v DC
3-stage planetay
Spring, load holding
Wired and wireless
Synthetic rope
ø9.5mm x 27.4m
Hawse (⊗254mm)
Measurements LxWxH
534mm x 160.5mm x 256mm
Bolt pattern LxW
254mm x 14.3mm
Line speed No load/Load
VR EVO   8-S – 7.6 / 1.8 MPM
VR EVO 10-S – 8.3 / 1.6 MPM
VR EVO 12-S – 8.0 / 1.2 MPM
Amps No load/Load
VR EVO   8-S – 57 / 298 AMP
VR EVO 10-S – 58 / 358 AMP
VR EVO 12-S – 55 / 396 AMP
Specification sheet
VR EVO 8 sheet
VR EVO 10 sheet
VR EVO 12 sheet
VR EVO manual
Spare parts list
VR EVO parts
Information video
Watch video

Additional information

Weight29 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 40 cm

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