Warn AXON – Synthetic rope

913,551.304,38 incl. vat (21%)

  • Often used as an ATV winch
  • Wireless remote is optional
  • Super sleek and compact design
  • IP68 waterdichting
  • Also available the Warn AXON with wire cable

The Warn winch AXON – Groundbreaking Technology Meets Unmatched Reliability with this electric winch.

WARN has taken winching to the next level by combining a powerful motor and first-of-its-kind digital contactor into one unit called a Motactor™. The WARN Motactor increases performance, drops installation time, and provides never-before-seen levels of performance and feedback to the user. Tech is nothing without durability, so we made AXON the most durable powersports winch ever. All-metal construction, IP68 waterproof sealing, and increased structural rigidity are made for extreme environments. It’s smart, tough, and perfect for a wide range of powersports vehicles. Available with a choice of steel or Spydura® synthetic rope.

SpecificationsAXON 35-SAXON 45-SAXON 45RC-SAXON 55-S
Part numberWarn 101130Warn 101140Warn 101240Warn 101150
Rated Line Pull1588kg2041kg2041kg2495kg
Motor12V DC12V DC12V DC12V DC
Gear3-Stage Planetary3-Stage Planetary3-Stage Planetary3-Stage Planetary
RemoteHandlebar switch (wireless optional)Wired and Handlebar switch (wireless optional)Wired and Handlebar switch (wireless optional)Wired and Handlebar switch (wireless optional)
Ropeø4.8mm x 15mø6.3mm x 15mø6.3mm x 8mø6.3mm x 15m
FairleadHawse (⊗123.7mm)Hawse (⊗167.4mm)Hawse (⊗123.7mm)Hawse (⊗167.4mm)
Measurements LxWxH338.1mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm381.8mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm338.1mm x 116.8mm x 122.mm381.8mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm
Bolt pattern LxW123.7mm x 76.2mm167.4mm x 76.2mm123.7mm x 76.2mm167.4mm x 76.2mm
Line speed No load/Load6.2MPM / 2.9MPM5.0MPM / 2.0MPM5.0MPM / 2.3MPM4.8MPM / 1.5MPM
Amps No load/Load35AMP / 204AMP33AMP / 208AMP28AMP / 198AMP28AMP / 254AMP

Part number
AXON 35-S – Warn 101130
AXON 45-S – Warn 101140
AXON 45RC-S – Warn 101240
AXON 55-S – Warn 101150
Rated Line Pull
AXON 35-S – 1588kg
AXON 45-S – 2041kg
AXON 45RC-S – 2041kg
AXON 55-S – 2495kg
12v DC
3-Stage planetary
AXON 35-S – Handlebar switch
(wireless optional)
AXON 45/55-S – Wired and Handlebar switch
(wireless optional)
AXON 35-S – ø4.8mm x 15m
AXON 45-S – ø6.3mm x 15m
AXON 45RC-S – ø6.3mm x 8m
AXON 55-S – ø6.3mm x 15m
AXON 35-S – Hawse (⊗123.7mm)
AXON 45-S – Hawse (⊗167.4mm)
AXON 45RC-S – Hawse (⊗123.7mm)
AXON 55-S – Hawse (⊗167.4mm)
Measurements LxWxH
AXON 35-S – 338.1mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm
AXON 45-S – 381.8mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm
AXON 45RC-S – 338.1mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm
AXON 55-S – 381.8mm x 116.8mm x 122.5mm
Bolt pattern LxW
AXON 35-S – 123.7mm x 76.2mm
AXON 45-S – 167.4mm x 76.2mm
AXON 45RC-S – 167.4mm x 76.2mm
AXON 55-S – 167.4mm x 76.2mm
AXON 35-S – 11kg
AXON 45-S – 11kg
AXON 45RC-S – 10kg
AXON 55-S – 12kg
Line speed No load/Load
AXON 35-S – 6.2MPM / 2.9MPM
AXON 45-S – 5.0MPM / 2.0MPM
AXON 45RC-S – 5.0MPM / 2.0MPM
AXON 55-S – 4.8MPM / 1.5MPM
Amps No load/Load
AXON 35-S – 35AMP / 204AMP
AXON 45-S – 33AMP / 208AMP
AXON 45RC-S – 33AMP / 208AMP
AXON 55-S – 28AMP / 254AMP

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm

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