Warn VRX 45

”A whole lot of get-the-job-done-ability”

The Warn VRX 45 provides the perfect solution when you are looking for a compact and reliable electric winch. With a fully metal construction, IP68 waterproofing, and a fully metal 3-phase planetary gear train, this winch features a range of high-quality characteristics, all without the price tag of a premium product.

Whether it’s recovering vehicles on trails with your quad, heavy-duty work on the construction site, or winching your boat onto a boat trailer, the Warn VRX steel cable winches are ready to assist you in the most challenging tasks.

On this page, you’ll find all the parts for your Warn VRX 45 winch. Whether you’re looking for a winch motor, free-spool set, winch control, steel cable, or winch rope, this winch parts page will show you which components are suitable for your Warn winch.


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