Warn G2 Electric series

“New Warn workhorse for any industrial application”

The Warn G2 winches are commonly used as industrial winches, trailer winches, and for use on tow trucks and recovery vehicles.

The completely new G2 DC electric winch series is ideal for first responders, commercial vehicles, and other applications where an electric winch is preferred. New performance levels, durability, and efficiency help get the job done quickly and reliably time after time. This series is available in both 12V and 24V, and there is also a hydraulic variant on the market.

Clockwise and anti-clockwise, what is it? Clockwise is standard, meaning that the winch line runs forward under the drum. Anti-clockwise means that the brake works the other way, causing the winch line to run forward over the top of the drum. The Warn G2 series is the ideal winch for your industrial application.


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